Ali Ahmed Palh

Mr. Ali Ahmed Palh usually goes by Ali Palh. He is a lawyer and member of the District Bar in Pakistan with seven years’ experience in litigation, human rights protection, civilian peacekeeping and conflict management both at national and international level. Ali has completed his LL.M (Masters in Law) degree in international law from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy-Tufts University, United States. He has also done his course in criminal law from the Harvard Law School, United States. Prior to Fletcher School, he was working in Sri Lanka as an unarmed civilian peacekeeper and later coordinator for the human rights defender's project with Nonviolent peaceforce, an international NGO, does unarmed civilian peacekeeping (protection of civilian in conflict areas).
In Pakistan, Ali is leading RightsNow Pakistan, a civil society initiative, and his work focused on protection of human rights (women rights, children and religious minorities). Mr. Palh, who has three years quality experience in human rights defender (Lawyers, journalist, human rights activists, NGOs) protection in Sri Lanka, is actively engaged in human protection work and is using tested nonviolent startegies in Pakistan. Ali Palh has also completed Masters in Human Rights from the Center for Human Rights and Social Development, Mahidol University, Thailand in 2007 and LL.B from Law College Hyderabad, Sindh University. Mr. Palh has also authored a book on the International Criminal Court published by a German publishing company available at amazon: He believes that Law is very strong tool for the protection of human rights. However, strongly believes in the enforcement of laws.He like this quote: “Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.”

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